About Us

Who We Are

Fullhouse Customs LTD started in March 2015, we are a registered supplier by DVLA (55477). We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of manufacturing number plates; we source the highest quality components to produce our number plates, which is why we are regarded in the trade and public domain as leaders in this industry. Since then we have created and maintained a high level of brand awareness on a number of social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more.

As individuals we have a passion to be able to create products for our customers to the highest standards, we have branded ourselves in a way that we are a trusted provider of number plates to the executive film and TV industry, major UK tuning and modifying companies.

In May 2019, we took a step back and made a future forward decision to rebrand and diversify our brand trading name to FHCShop, with this move we are able to showcase our new products and build our following.

Our Vision

‘King of Plates’, doing our best by putting our customers first, looking after our customers number plates is our number one priority. We cannot be the best without doing so.

‘First in quality, service and value’, each of these qualities vary for every customer, so we listen, support and innovate.

The secret for our success is simple. We are UK based, you can order your products via Phone, Messenger, Social Media or Online. We deliver our products within 5 days (excluding Weekends & Bank Holidays). If you can’t afford to wait hit us up, our Customer Service is second to none