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If you would like to change your delivery address please contact us via email or telephone after you have placed your order.

Our gel plate production can take a couple of days due to high demand. However, we will try to ship these plates out sooner than possible, but we usually say to allow up to around 7 days for delivery.

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We sure do, please call and speak to one of our friendly staff.

Please call or email so we can discuss your requirements.

Your right to cancel an order ends 24hrs after the order is placed.
There are some orders where you won’t have the right to cancel, these include items that are bespoke or personalised.
Number Plates are a bespoke item; therefore, we are unable to offer a full refund, we can however refund the cost of your postage, accessories, and fitting kits if they are unused/unopened.

They certainly do in tiny writing at the bottom right of the plate. The details are
“FULLHOUSECUSTOMS LTD SL3 7RR BSAU 145d”. This is a legality as it means the police or authorities can check if they are genuine and your vehicle will pass the MOT check. We do not use this for advertising that’s why we keep it so small.

When purchasing a legal number plate, as a requirement and in order for us to process your purchase we will require documents to confirm your identity and your entitlement. We will accept your driving license, a bank statement or passport AND a logbook (V5) Or Certificate of Entitlement (V750 PINK SIDE) Or Retention Certificate (V778 GREEN SIDE) Or Certificate of Authorisation (V498/V498e) Or Tax Reminder. Please note, for us to release your order we will need to have sight of your documentation to confirm your identity and your entitlement of the registration. Once received we will post them back to you with your order.


POSTAL ADDRESS: 18 Rambler Lane, Slough, Berkshire, SL3 7RR

We need to see original documents, they can be clearly scanned or photographed and sent via post, or email.
Scanned image (Clear Full front cover) Please send to the following email address info@fullhousecustoms.com
Photographed image (Clear Full front cover) Please send to the following email address info@fullhousecustoms.com
Displaying legal number plates
Only outlets registered on the DVLA number plates R.N.P.S system can legally supply number plates. If you don’t have legal number plates fitted to your vehicle it could fail the MOT and attract the attention of the police
Rules for the display of legal number plates.

All number plates must be displayed in accordance with The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 (obtainable from Her Majesty’s Stationery Office). are set out in law, briefly these are: -

* A number plate must be displayed at the front and rear of motor vehicles (with some exceptions).
* Number Plates must be easy to read and meet the British Standard.
* Lettering should be black on a white plate at the front and a yellow at the rear.
* The background surface should be reflex-reflecting but the characters must not.
* There are separate requirements for traditional number plates displayed on vehicles constructed before 1 January 1973.
* Lettering and spacing must be of a set size. They must conform to one of the groups shown at:-Number plates fitted after 1 September 2001 or Number plates fitted before 1 September 2001.
The law states that:

* You must not alter, rearrange or misrepresent the letters or numbers
* Characters must not be moved from one group to the other (e.g. A242 ABC must not be displayed as A242A BC).
Offences may result in any or all of the following:

* A fine of up to £1,000
* The registration mark may be WITHDRAWN
* The vehicle may FAIL the MOT test

, full details of the requirements regarding the number plate law are included in The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001. For more information click here.