Legal Car Plate (Copy)


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A simple way to enhance your registration on your mode of transport.

Any space errors made on the plate builder will be rectified during plate production. Your registration cannot contain any illegal characters and must only contain letters and numbers.

Please make sure you use the * character limit (including a single space) for the plate. For example: AA68 AAA

Important information
To mis-space or mis-represent the digits on number plates is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registrations & Licensing) Regulations 1971. Be sure to enter your registration number as shown on your Logbook (V5), Certificate of Entitlement (V750), Retention Certificate (V778), Certificate of Authorisation (V948). This applies to number plates only and not novelty plates (names, etc) Very important, you cannot simply make up a registration number and use it on the UK highway. Either you or the person you’re buying for must already own the registration you are purchasing.

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